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A definition essay is often merged with the other forms of essay writing due to its flexible nature and importance. When you start an essay, it is important to define the core topic and the terms. For example, if your paper is about the relation of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with bereavement, your readers will expect you to first define separately the terms of PTSD and bereavement. This part is called the introductory part. However, if this part is removed, then it will alone be called the "Definition Essay".

In a definition essay, you just define a concept, terminology or any other variable which you are going to further elaborate in your paper. You will start with the basic or dictionary definition of the topic, and then you can further add your own understanding of it. Another aspect you can cover in the definition essay is to make a relation of the defined object or variable with other variables. For example, if you need to define PTSD, you can take aid from some previous researches and highlight their concept and how different researchers have used this term in different perspectives.

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