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Featured on BBC

Dr Thomas Lancaster, a plagiarism expert from Birmingham City University, looked at the finished essays provided by Essay Yard. He said:

"There are perhaps a few imperfections in the English occasionally but nothing that would raise any major alarm bells. It is more than good enough to pass."

The BBC bought a number of essays from the company and asked University of Kent journalism student Cecily Snowball to approach the essay-writing firm to buy an essay on English libel law for £93 and asked if she could submit it as her own work.

She said: "I was told not to worry. I was told I would not be caught, 'it will all be just like it is mine'."

When asked by the BBC, an employee at the company said: "After we give the assignment to you it is your own property.

"If you submit it as it is, it is up to you, you are responsible for it."

Our take on the way BBC reported this:

First of all, we think it’s very childish of BBC staff to “secretly” place orders and then try to threaten us for publishing their “top story”

As for the service we provide, it’s completely ethical and legal to offer custom written research work to anyone who wants it in any part of the world. We perform research, writing and formatting based on the requirement of our customers. The finished document becomes our customer’s property and it’s at their disposal what they do with it.

Hundreds and thousands of students use our services due to the following reasons:

There are bigger global concerns and stories to report on. We asked BBC correspondent Piers Hopkirk a few questions and he didn’t respond to them just to cover his little “top story”:

There are many other things which need to answered first and we must ask you these. Please answer these questions and then hopefully we will be answering you also.

We believe helping students in building their carrier is same.

So there are too many Why's...

Please do contact us once you have valid answers and if you have any other order for your essays kindly do let us know, we will give you good discount next time as you are our regular customer.

One more thing; kindly do buy with your name so we know it’s you; not Rachel or Johnson or James.

Essay Yard Team

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