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Students Often Ask Us Before Placing Their Order If Using Our Writing Assistance Is Cheating? For This Reason, We Planned To Add A Page On It, Underlining Whether It Is Cheating Or Not!

The answer to this is obviously NO. We simply provide you sample essays with which you can develop your own essay. Like you do with journal articles, books and newspapers. Our custom essays are just the same.

What If Someone Says Reading Journal Articles Is Cheating?

It is possible that you have read in the media that online essay writing service is illegal and unethical. It is mainly because some of the media activist never goes in depth of a scenario and just make others see the half truth or often a complete lie. Imagine if the media would say that reading journal articles is cheating! What would be your response to it? The media has gone insane, right? We had the same response when some of the media players, who had little or no idea of what a custom essay really is, announced it as an unethical and illegal practice. If this would have been the case, then many companies have been banned by the government or at least the search engines. However, nothing of this even came into the debate, and this says it all.

How Can Students Take Maximum Benefit From Our Writing Assistance?

We work for students from all educational backgrounds and our ultimate aim is to ensure that not only they get good grades, but their overall understanding of the topic is also enhanced. For many students, particularly the ESL learners, the language of instruction is so intricate that it is hard for them to comprehend it and make a coherent meaning out of it. This is where Essay Yard steps in, and provide guidance papers, which use a simple language and tone so that they can be understood easily by all students. All the complicated theories and procedures are defined and explained in a student-friendly language, helping them to get a better grasp of their subject.

Then we expect the students to utilize this knowledge and that gained from other informative sources to develop their own essay. In this way, students get a pathway of how to go about a particular essay, with the given instructions and rubric. Following this technique can yield maximum benefits to students.

What If I Submit The Custom Essay To My Professor? Will This Be Cheating?

Surely it will! The custom-made guidance essays provided by Essay Yard are written by professional and highly qualified writers, so submitting their work will be cheating on your classmates and your professor for sure. Your understanding of the subject will not be enhanced, and this will violate against the core objective of the company.

Even if you directly use some paragraphs from the essay, then also it will be considered as a form of cheating. You should simply use our essays and research papers as a source of information and guidance, to learn how you should write and format your paper. Anything more might lead you to cheating.

What If My University Finds Out That I Have Used The Writing Service

First of all, you should know that we are bound to secure all the customers' information from any third party, be it your university or professor. So, until and unless you reveal it to someone, no one can dig out that you have used an online writing service. However, if you submit our essay as it is, then there are chances that your professor will figure it out by comparing your work with ours. So, as long as you use our assistance and custom essays in the right way, you will not have to worry about anyone getting to know about this.

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