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Privacy Policy

Ownership Details:

ESSAY YARD is a privately owned and organisation with a sole proprietorship. There is no involvement of any third party with the company, and therefore, any kind of customer data or information is confined to the company only.

Customer Information Confidentiality:

ESSAY YARD assures that all its customer private information is kept confidential from both company's employees and other enterprises that are affiliated with the company. This includes the information of customer name, university name, city and state, bank account details, transaction date and other details. So, whatever our clients share with us becomes a confidential property of the company, which is secured in the best interest of customers and the company.

Improved Customer Database:

ESSAY YARD uses your email, phone number, social media account or other contact information as a mean to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Your contact details are stored in a secured server that assigns a special code for each customer's order. So, the company's database replaces your name with the assigned order number, ensuring that your identity is sealed. You are contacted fist via email, then through your phone number when your order is ready or there is any sort of query from the writers' end. Social media details are used to inform you about our season discounts and other time bound offers.

Website Optimization:

ESSAY YARD often captures the cookies and IP address details of the visitors to get a data of the most visited pages. This helps the company to improve its website and make the most visited pages further optimized so that they take lesser time to upload, saving your precious time.

Change in Policies:

ESSAY YARD retains the right to amend the privacy policies of the company, when needed. All customers will be informed prior to any sort of change so that our customers are always aligned to our services and policies. It is advised to all clients to visit our terms and conditions and privacy policy pages before finalizing their order.

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